Restoration of a chestnut wood door, 1932

Chestnut door restoration

© Restoration, renovation and restyling of wooden artifacts. State of preservation before surgery The state of preservation was discreet, in the lower part of the door was in place a thermitic attack, while the right door had one of the uprights broken at one point. The closing and opening of the doors and of the dark was not completely feasible due to repainting stratified, oxidation and in some cases failure of hardware. The restoration The precarious conditions of the conservation status of the door: a right wing mast broke at one point, did the intervention in the first instance focus…

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Restructuring of a set of oak frames

Restructuring house oak wood windows

© Restoration, renovation and restyling of wooden artifacts. Frames in oak, 70 years of the twentieth century, Botrugno, LE. State of affairs before the operation Doors and windows not well made oak. In the past, window frames were the subject of a major woodworking intervention to try to mitigate planning errors. The brass bands have been added in this intervention. The state of conservation of the windows was fair: numerous repainting prevented proper functionality of the fixtures, but the wood was in good storage conditions. The surgery The intervention goal was primarily to restore the functionality of the window frames,…

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