Eleganza e Raffinatezza: Comò e Comodini Stile Luigi XV

Elegance and Refinement: Louis XV Style Dressers and Bedside Tables

Elegance and Refinement: Louis XV Style Dressers and Bedside Tables

If you are looking for furniture that adds a touch of class and glamor to your home, the restored 3-drawer chest of drawers in Louis what you need.

The 3-drawer dresser is a magnificent Louis XV style piece of furniture from Southern Italy. With a structure made of fine woods such as poplar, walnut and briar, this dresser features elegant rose briar inlays and brass finishes. Its generous dimensions of 124cm high, 96cm wide and 57cm deep make it not only a splendid piece of furniture but also functional and spacious.

3-drawer chest of drawers in Louis XV style

The Louis XV style bedside tables, a high quality historical reproduction, were made with a solid wood structure and adorned with inlaid details and briar inserts. These bedside tables, with their dimensions of 72cm high, 55cm wide and 36cm deep, will integrate perfectly with the 3-drawer dresser, creating a homogeneous and refined whole.

Pair of Louis XV style bedside tables

Both pieces of furniture, with their floral motifs and precise, detailed craftsmanship, reflect the distinctive style of the Louis XV period. These unique pieces will add warmth, elegance and a touch of history to your home, transforming rooms into refined and welcoming spaces.

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