Magic Movers: Our Single Partner for Logistics and Shipping

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Dedicated Transport Solutions for Vintage and Antique Furniture

Magic Movers is our sole partner for the logistics and shipments of our furniture. With their vast experience in the sector, they offer dedicated transport solutions for vintage and antique furniture, ensuring the utmost care and attention during every stage of the process.

With Magic Movers , we have the peace of mind of knowing that our precious furniture will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Their team of experts takes care of every detail, ensuring that your furniture is carefully packaged and protected during transit.

Furniture logistics and shipping can be a challenge, especially when dealing with unique and valuable pieces such as vintage and antique furniture. It is essential to rely on a reliable partner like Magic Movers to ensure that your furniture arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

Our partnership with Magic Movers has allowed us to offer customized transport solutions for our vintage and antique furniture. Each piece is carefully assessed and a bespoke packing and transport plan is designed to ensure maximum protection during travel.

Dario Raia personally takes care of the professional packaging of the furniture, using high-quality packaging materials to protect every single piece. They are particularly expert in handling delicate and fragile furniture, such as glass, mirrors and shiny surfaces.

The furniture is carefully packaged, using special padding and protection techniques to avoid any damage during transport. Each piece is clearly and accurately labeled to facilitate management and traceability throughout the entire process.

Sole Partner of

Magic Movers is the sole partner of, a renowned site dedicated to the restoration of antique and vintage furniture. This partnership is the result of a long collaboration based on trust and the quality of the services offered. is managed by Dario Raia, an expert in the field of antique furniture restoration. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge and passion for the industry, Dario Raia ensures that each piece of furniture is restored with care and attention to detail.

Once the furniture has been restored, Magic Movers comes into action. Dario Raia personally takes care of the careful packing of the furniture as indicated by Magic Movers. His experience in the restoration sector ensures that each piece is adequately protected during transport, avoiding unwanted damage or scratches.

This collaboration between Magic Movers and offers our customers a complete and integrated service. Customers can enjoy the convenience of having their furniture restored by a trusted expert and then transported safely and reliably by Magic Movers.

The combination of restoration and logistics expertise allows us to offer our customers a complete solution for the treatment of vintage and antique furniture. Whether it is a collection of vintage furniture or a single precious piece, Magic Movers is committed to ensuring the utmost care and attention during transport.

The Safety of Our Furniture is Our Priority

The safety of our furniture is our top priority and Magic Movers understands the importance of this. They use high-quality packaging materials and advanced techniques to protect the furniture during transportation.

Furthermore, Magic Movers has specialized vehicles for transporting furniture, equipped with adjustable suspension and fastening devices to ensure optimal stability during the journey. Each vehicle is operated by drivers experienced in furniture transport, who know the necessary precautions to avoid damage during transport.

The care and attention that Magic Movers dedicates to furniture also extends to the delivery process. Their team ensures that the furniture is carefully placed in the designated place, following the customer's instructions. This way, our customers can enjoy their restored furniture in the most comfortable way possible.


Magic Movers is our reliable partner for the logistics and shipping of our furniture. Thanks to their experience in the sector and the care they dedicate to every detail, we can guarantee our customers a complete, high-quality service.

Whether it is vintage or antique furniture, Magic Movers offers dedicated transport solutions to ensure that the furniture arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Their partnership with testifies to the trust we place in their professionalism and competence.

When it comes to furniture logistics and shipping, Magic Movers is the right choice to ensure the safety and integrity of our precious pieces.