Italian walnut sofa restoration

Italian walnut sofa restoration

Object: Italian walnut sofa restoration Sant’Arsenio Salerno vallo di Diano Italy

Period: first half of the 20th century

Style: Luigi Filippo

Provenance: Sant’Arsenio, vallo di Diano, SA, southern Italy

Description: Craftmanship solid walnut sofa. Louis Philippe style built in the twentieth century, discreet workmanship, precarious conservation conditions. Good construction techniques, “amateur” restoration interventions, nailed joints with pressure nail and large screws that have weakened the wood already not intact due to widespread worming.

Restoration: Furniture was in precarious storage conditions. Once the external fabric covering has been removed, the padding and the structure have to be removed for the lower part in order to be able to completely restore. The main damage is a split on the front and all the lower joints held together by nails and a series of reinforcements glued externally to the joints. Removed these interventions the joints were weakened and in some cases missing. They have been rebuilt and for the front, in addition to a wooden reconstruction, in the rear part, a metal plate was inserted to reinforce the structure.

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