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Domestic shipments in the European and international communities are entrusted to one of the following carriers based on location to reach the size of the object and to the established transport times. These carriers have been selected as they ensure thoroughness and care in the handling of goods, attention to customer needs and an effective and quick service. For us it is very important that shipping prices are affordable and that shipments are fast and well maintained, so that you may truly be said to be happy to have discovered the benefits of online commerce. All parcels are traceable, for each shipment, after pre-agreement, you can request a transport insurance.



Time order fulfillment

The ordered products are shipped within two days of receipt of payment. For orders which have as their method of payment by bank transfer or money order, goods will be sent within two days of receipt of confirmation of payment. In these cases, we suggest, to speed order fulfillment, send proof of payment by e-mail at info@restauriraia.com. For postpaid charging, it will be sufficient to run both communicate via email and by phone at +393899973210, because the transfer of the funds will be immediately visible.

Delivery is made by courier within 48 business hours to settle the shipment (see above). The same may be subject to delays and changes for reasons of force majeure, due to traffic conditions and traffic in general or by the Authority. In any case, however, you can not be held responsible for myself

Delivery methods
The shipments are delivered by express courier UPS TNT Tumino from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00, it is expected in the telephone warning service. In case of absence of the recipient, the courier will leave a card (notice of passage) with instructions for delivery.

We are always very careful to make accurate packaging, making shipments where the products are packed in different ways depending on their size and the object to be dispatched. For the most sensitive products, it is always expected the protective packaging with bubble wrap and corner protectors, to protect the contents and possible damage during transport.  The packaging costs are included in the shipping costs.

Our duties
Please indicate in the order, a correct destination address, where there is someone who can get the carrier, possibly by specifying a time slot preference and a contact phone number of the shipper for any communications so that the shipment can be easily receipt.
Upon receipt of the shipment, please check:

  • that the number of packages (packages) indicated on the letter of the carrier is actually delivered.
  • that the package is intact and undamaged; any disputes must be raised immediately to the carrier by placing the consignment note the words “withdrawn subject to control”, otherwise the product is considered delivered correctly.