Renovation of old windows and hardwood

The wooden window frame has a fundamental characteristic: it is built with living material and natural for excellence, with chemical-physical characteristics and very particular aesthetic. The beauty and the best aesthetic impact that has a wooden window frame with respect to another made of a different material derives from their material characteristics.
The wood presents good characteristics of mechanical strength (compression, bending, etc.) And also physical according to different choice of the type of wood used. Be stressed that the wood within the limits of his physical capabilities establishes an equilibrium relationship with environmental factors.
The ultraviolet rays the sun, the rain water exposure, the air humidity or the ski from the soil are, however, factors which over time may be due to degradation. The aforementioned beauty of the wooden window frame, therefore must be protected, monitored and if necessary goes manotenuta. And ‘for this that the objective must be to keep alive the window for as long as possible.
Renovate windows means restore value and new strength to the wood without expecting (or even want) to erase the past time, just because the shutters, blinds or wooden doors are alive.

Summary of the processing steps:

– Stripping of the movable frame and the fixed parts for the removal of the layers of paint present
– In raw wood sanding the furniture and the fixed parts looms
– Carpentry Interventions and grouting on wood
– Painting with paint durability simple maintenance
– Possible inclusion of brushes draft excluders on doors or French windows
– Inserting the perimeter silicon gasket
– Possible preparation and installation of double glazing
– Restoration or replacement of the handles and closures

They are used almost exclusively of high quality water-based products (certificates corresponding to European standards), non-toxic and odorless, which ensure greater protection of life and require, when it finally will be necessary, servicing more limited.