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Restoration of a cupboard in walnut 1920 neoclassical origin Milan

Walnut sideboard neoclassical
© Restoration, renovation and restyling of wooden artifacts.

Subject: entrance hall cupboard
Period: 1920
Style: Neoclassical
Provenance: Milan
Description: Walnut sideboard neoclassical. Module of a mobile broader presents the side in poplar with paneling in walnut. The front has two drawers with neoclassical vents not original but in style. Threading as well as on the drawers to create a geometric frame is present on the lower doors where the veneer is curated choice with transverse veins between them. The also made of walnut forms the base of the mirror of considerable size. The original mirror is damaged for any damage incurred during transport. bronze applications to define the upper part of the mirror that denotes Nouveau forms.
the restoration
The cabinet was stripped to remove a number of repainting that darkened appearance. woodworm treatment performed and rivernciatura side to even out the overall appearance of the cabinet. The well-kept interior has been cleaned and repainted shellac. wax finish.
Lower Mobile: Mirror:
Length: 86 cm Length: 86 cm
Width: 46 cm Width: 3.5 cm
Height: 82 cm Height: 115 cm


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