Restoration chest of drawers Louis Philippe

Restoration chest of drawers Louis Philippe

Restoration chest of drawers Louis Philippe

Subject: drawers in solid walnut

Period: first quarter of the twentieth century

Style: Louis Philippe

Provenance: Tuscany

Description: completely original drawers. From the disposal of a Tuscan farmhouse, this popular Tuscan chest of drawers 1800 is built to last. original structure of hard chestnut wood, outdoor tables in solid walnut completely intact in its original part in walnut and 80% in its backbone. sober, simplicity and quality in mobile.

Restoration: The cabinet was in poor storage conditions. Attacked so it extended by wood-eating insects, as mentioned thus completely original with glue made from animal glues completely pulverized. It proceeded immediately to the treatment to eliminate the worms. Later he spoke on the structure of the wood joinery with interventions that have sought to preserve the original structure of the piece. Reincollaggio of all structural elements and insertion of guides for the drawers in the antique chestnut wood as the original. The internal structure of the drawers is made of poplar wood and has also proceeded in this case the reinstatement of the original favoring the rustic look of the cabinet with respect to a possible reconstruction with smooth surfaces and new. The dresser has not been stripped, but were eliminated only the paint areas altered by atmospheric conditions reintegrating shellac incomplete. Grouts and wax finish have tried to give back to the cabinet the warm appearance that he had lost.


Length: 105 cm
Width: 54 cm
Height: 101 cm
Weight: 60 kg

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