Restoration neoclassical walnut table 1920

Restoration neoclassical walnut table 1920

Object:  Restoration neoclassical walnut table, 1920

Period: 1920

Style: Neoclassical

Provenance: Milan

Table made of solid walnut in its structural elements. Legs tapered column, and the feet are in solid walnut. The fittings to see between the legs are in poplar veneered walnut. The walnut veneer top and the classical neo-classical decoration with thread flanks and geometric design. The four classical bronze decorative corners. The central extension veneered walnut with heart-shaped geometric grain. Sober neoclassical table suitable for both a classical style to enrich a more modern decor. Opened reaches 3 meters. With extension inserted in the listing becomes a table at 1.12 x 1, 72 meters.

The table has been painted dark repainting that had covered the sober decoration. It was treated with woodworm to eliminate the few insects present. Later it was reinstated the opening mechanism that allows it to be extended up to three and a half meters and reincollato in its structural elements to ensure greater stability. The classic coating shellac has been spagliettata and protected with beeswax to ensure greater waterproofing to the wood.

Length: 122 cm / 172 cm / 340 cm

Width: 112 cm
Height: 80 cm

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