Restoration Of A Walnut Table
Restoration of a walnut table

Restoration solid walnut table

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© Restoration, renovation and restyling of wooden artifacts.

Epoca: First half of the twentieth century

Style: Eclectic

Provenance: Vallo di Diano, SA, Southern Italy

Description: Table of skilful craftsmanship. Made entirely of solid walnut with lower structure supporting the chestnut extensions. Built with good craftsmanship is a solid table and will last over time, the only problems that may arise can be manifested on the center panels of the floor made with walnut slabs that could move in time.

Restoration: The cabinet was in fairly good storage conditions. The table top was completely stripped to bring the original wood to “breathe” and can be treated against wood insects. With walnut inlays are closed covers any cracks on the floor of the table due to the natural movement of the wood. Varnish using shellac, wax finish.

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