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Il restauro di una credenza in stile neorinascimento Italia settentrionale, fine XIX secolo inizi XX secolo

Restoration walnut dresser neo-Renaissance

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Restoration walnut dresser neo-Renaissance

Subject: Solid Walnut Belief
Time: late nineteenth
Style: Umberto I neo renaissance
Origin: Italy
Description: Impressive belief in solid walnut in neo-Renaissance style. The typical decorative elements of style are all finished with care and in excellent condition. The columns in solid walnut, the base and the top hat with the two retractable drawers are the setting alleante lower carved frames decorated with a central emblem also carved it. The handles, the vents and the keys are made of brass, only the latter are not original. Floor in walnut. The internal structure in oak complete this piece of furniture that combines aesthetics, sturdiness and functionality.
Restoration: The excellent conditions of preservation have directed the restoration of minimal intervention, restoration of the original hardware cleaning of the outer and inner surface and reintegration of shellac. wax finish.
Length: 141 cm
Width: 53 cm
Height: 97.5 cm



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