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Restructuring of a door and a chestnut wood window

Restructuring fixture chestnut door

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© Restoration, renovation and restyling of wooden artifacts.

Period: last quarter of the eighteenth century, the first half of the nineteenth century

Style: Neoclassical

Provenance: Vallo di Diano, SA, Southern Italy

Description: Originally windows of a palace built in the late eighteenth century. Manufactured entirely in solid chestnut, native wood essence used constantly in the realization of frames for its hardness and resistance to weathering and wood insects. Built with excellent craftsmanship and careful choice of the cutting areas of the trunk. Excellent condition.

Restoration: More than a restoration it is a readjustment for another building, a choice that has allowed the reuse and the conservation in the given time that had been removed and replaced with new windows to the original location. complete removal of paint layered over the years, making the scratch with wooden frames from the same stock of frames and re-adaptation of the new office window. Glass application chamber 12 mm and repainting spray stained cycle acrylic paints, bottom and paint.

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