Restructuring Of A Chestnut Wood Balcony
Restructuring of a chestnut wood balcony

Restructuring frame historic building

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© Restoration, renovation and restyling of wooden artifacts.

Period: last quarter of the nineteenth century, the first half of the twentieth century

Style: Eclectic

Provenance: Vallo di Diano, SA, Southern Italy

Description: This is the central building of the frame that for reasons of scale and value has not been replaced in the building under renovation. conservative restoration as far as possible and complete reconstruction of the lower portion of the window frame and the frame of the same with functional improvements.

Restoration: Original the casing remained at the bottom of the outer casing, completely empty inside due to an attack by termites. In acceptable conditions the high part of the same. Paint removal and reconstruction of the frame with ancient chestnut beams coming from the same abandoned building. Painting interior and exterior enamel with insulated glass application 12 mm. Recovery of all the original hardware.


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