Restyling Of A Rustic Table In Mixed Wood
Restyling of a rustic table in mixed wood

Restyling rustic table mixed wood

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Restyling rustic table mixed wood

Period: first quarter of the twentieth century
Style: Rustico
Provenance: Vallo di Diano, SA, Southern Italy
Description: Rustic table in rustic built with native wood mixed area. Standing chestnut, plane and horizontal elements in spruce, fir tipping elements. Built with good mastery it is a solid table and is intended to last in time even if made of wood with no high durability in the plane and in the horizontal elements.
Restoration: The cabinet was in poor storage conditions. Attacked so it extended by wood-eating insects, and covered with numerous re-painting series that hid fillings and patches distributed throughout the table. The table was completely stripped to bring the original wood to “breathe” and can be treated against wood insects. Reset of the table volumes filling and removal of non-original frames has opted for an antiqued lacquering.

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