Restyling Walnut Table Reconstruction Floor Cords Extensions Chestnut Sant'Arsenio Salerno
Restyling walnut table reconstruction floor cords extensions chestnut Sant'Arsenio Salerno

Walnut solid table restyling

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Object: Walnut table restyling reconstruction plane extensions chestnut Polla Salerno

Period: first half of the 20th century

Style: Eclectic

Provenance: Polla, vallo di Diano, SA, southern Italy

Description: Extendable table in solid walnut. Local artisanal production, good quality,  poor conservation conditions. Missing central plane and completely redo the lower bands.

Restoration: The furniture was in precarious storage conditions. The center of the top has a plywood sheet that does not fit the solid walnut table. The lower area of ​​the feet is completely redone, in good condition only the central elements. The table has been smoothed and all the elements that are not suitable or in bad condition have been removed. The lower part has been rebuilt with two antique solid chestnut tables, while the missing extensions have been rebuilt from scratch again using solid chestnut. The structure of the table was compromised for this was disassembled and the two side panels in solid walnut. Were rebuilt on the model of the pre-existing ones but no longer usable. Reassembled and re-glued, the table was dyed light walnut and then spray-painted.

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