Work, products, techniques, the interventions that go to make the object have conservative and recovery character

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© Restoration, renovation and restyling of wooden artifacts.

I have a university education but I attended a workshop antiquarian. Conjugate these experiences to everyday practice and the constant study and updating necessary in the practice of this profession where you never stop learning, especially from the past.
I try before you begin a job of framing historically and stylistically mobile that I face identifying interventions that has suffered over time, and the general state of conservation of the piece.
The interventions that go to make the object have conservative and recovery character as far as possible of a condition as close to the original as having unique foreclosure the uniqueness that the piece has reached both from an aesthetic point of view and from a point historically including in this uniqueness also measures non-originating.
The products that use for the restoration of a mobile are compatible with the age of the piece on which I work, for which where necessary to use glues, consolidating, fixatives and coatings of animal and vegetable origin, in other words those used at the time when the ‘object was created.
Not dislike the use of new generation of products or industrial origin in all the processing phases, these ensure a greater adherence to the daily needs of dell ‘object fruition.
The restoration techniques pursue the same principles of interventions trying to use machining and finishing techniques compatible with the age of the piece, for example (coating wick, grouting with rabbit glue and pigments), but is a minor player use that object is going to do.

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