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Dario Raia Antiquariato Modernariato Vintage

Antique 19th century rounded trunk, wood and metal chest. Restored

Antique 19th century rounded trunk, wood and metal chest. Restored

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Very aesthetically pleasing wooden and iron chest. Made of poplar wood for the structure, covered in wrought iron and decorated on the entire visible surface. External reinforcements in hard wood, probably oak.

Designed for ship travel and extreme transport conditions, very solid and resistant. The aesthetic appearance is very refined with floral decorations painted on the sides and lid. It can be closed with two side hooks and a lock with a central key. Completely original in all its parts with the exception of a leather side handle replaced because it was missing and the key, also lost and replaced with a key of the same period and style as the trunk.

It has the inscriptions on the lid of the owner and of the journey he made from the port of Salerno, to the port of Naples in Southern Italy towards the United States of America, probably New York.

The interior in poplar wood covered with decorated paper maintains this original covering in the lid, while the bottom of the trunk was largely missing and was restored to wood, varnished and protected.


As regards the restoration already described, an attempt was made to partly maintain the entire original and exclusively protect it.

Completely restored and ready for use.

Trunk dimensions:

Length: 87cm
Width: 48cm
Height: 58cm
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