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Trumeaux Secretaire desk chest of drawers Louis XVI vintage English in walnut

Trumeaux Secretaire desk chest of drawers Louis XVI vintage English in walnut

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Splendid Louis XVI trumeaux in perfect condition. Made at the end of the 18th century. Perfect proportions, straight and symmetrical line. Structure in solid oak wood.

Complex piece of furniture made up of three essential parts. A chest of drawers in the lower part, a folding top to form the central desk and a rare upper shelf with doors. Generally, instead of the two doors, there is an open display cabinet. The upper cymatium is made up of two simple volutes that frame the central plume. In detail, the lower part has drawers that progressively decrease as you go up according to the usual English tradition, and side handles. The entire piece of furniture is made of briar with a strong visual impact which gives the impression of decorativeness in contrast with the simplicity of the volumes also defined by a light wood thread which geometrically frames all the elements of the trumeaux. The internal structure of the furniture is also complex, in particular the folding top becomes a desk thanks to the retractable horizontal supports. Foldable, it protects numerous drawers and paper holders inside as well as a secret compartment which corresponds on the front to the highest central false drawer. The riser in turn contains numerous drawers and object holders. The piece of furniture, in addition to being exceptional from an aesthetic point of view, is also exceptional from a structural point of view, oak was also used for the bottoms of the drawers and for the complex structure behind the desk and the stand.

The piece of furniture can be divided into two parts for easier transport and is made up of the chest of drawers and the desk in the lower part and the stand in the upper part.


The piece of furniture is in its first patina and has never been restored. Free from wood insects.


Length: 101cm

Width: 60cm

Height: 248cm

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